« As far as I can remember, I’ve been creative. I’ve always put
this talent to good use, so others could benefit of it too. »
– me (quoted as if I was a big philosopher)

« I think that dreaming is the best place to be,
and I try to show it in every work I do. »
– me (I did it again…)

I’ve studied in graphic art. Got no mentions (it was somewhat a 3 year party), but got lots of attention from my fellow friends to help in illustrations.

I’ve been in the graphic art industry for about 20 years since. I’ve worked for a lot of people, from web design to illustrations, before being graphics designer for a big company for 16 years They however finally got into to game of centralization and closed here in Canada.

I’ve always been drawing and more artist than most designers. So I decided to rush into the amazing world of illustrations. I don’t regret that choice.

I’m a huge comic books fan and graphic novels fan. I keep watching my Saturday morning comics religiously, drinking my chocolate milk.